Glassblowers will begin creating what could be the world’s biggest bong on April 20, and the huge piece will eventually be on display in an upcoming cannabis museum.

Artists will convene in Seattle on the weekend of “4/20,” the day many weed smokers celebrate as a marijuana holiday, The Seattle Times reported. Once the bong parts are made in Washington, they will be transported to Las Vegas and constructed into a bong for the soon-to-open museum, Cannabition.

That assembled glass will be 24 feet tall and be as heavy as 800 pounds, according to The Seattle Times, and it won’t be just for show—it could really be used for smoking if desired.

“It’s going to be so much fun doing this in Seattle where (marijuana) is legal and everybody has a smile on their face about it,” one of the glassblowers, Jason Harris of Jerome Baker Designs, told that publication.

Cannabition is slated to open in on July 1, although tickets are going on sale beginning on 4/20—and they start at $4.20. People have to be 21 or older to visit the museum and the website said there will be no smoking or buying cannabis there.

There was previously a Kickstarter in place to fund production of the massive bong but the website suspended the fundraiser.

Jerome Baker Designs has a history of making enormous bongs, including a partnership with Leafly, which offers information about marijuana strains, dispensaries and weed-related topics.

“Blowing such massive forms is not easy, and it takes a lot of energy,” the glassblower’s website explained. “In general, making glass is about finding the path of least resistance—especially at this size and scale. There is a science to blowing glass. With these massive bongs, we had to problem solve the whole week, and go outside the normal way of doing things.”


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