5 ways weed makes sex steamier


Cannabis can have a noticeable effect on your sex life.

Marijuana is commonly known to have the properties of an aphrodisiac. That’s backed up, of course, by tons of anecdotal evidence about sex and weed. A playful attitude in the bedroom can be quite hot. But, more and more, it’s also reinforced by the latest scientific studies. Have you made weed part of your bedroom play? Here are five ways marijuana can affect you sexually.

1. Cannabis users have sex more often.

This one makes complete sense, because sex and weed, especially with the right partner, can be mind-blowingly good. An in-depth study from the Archives on Sexual Behavior on how alcohol and weed impact sex found some couples want “more sex after the first sexual episode on marijuana.” That implies it was pretty damned good the first time.

A large 2017 study in The Journal of Sexual Medicine strongly suggests that regular cannabis use may increase sexual drive. People who used weed had 20 percent more sex than those who did not—and this applied to both genders.

“Marijuana use is independently associated with increased sexual frequency and does not appear to impair sexual function,” the team, led by Dr. Andrew J. Sun and Dr. Michael L. Eisenberg, concluded. “A positive association between marijuana use and sexual frequency is seen in men and women across all demographic groups.”

2. Cannabis users are more picky about their partners.

Interestingly, according to the Archives on Sexual Behavior study, whereas alcohol tends to make people less picky about their sexual partners, weed has the opposite effect. Even in cases where people said cannabis turned them on—or even just made them want to talk more—they tended to be more selective about who they wanted to be around.

“Weed goggles,” in other words, can have the converse effect of “beer goggles,” for most of us.

3. Cannabis lowers inhibitions, fosters intimacy and increases sensuality.

Many stoners report that weed makes them more relaxed, helping to lower sexual inhibitions. Reducing anxiety can have very positive effects on your sex life.

The “forbidden” aspect of sex and weed can facilitate intimacy between partners, the Archives on Sexual Behavior study found. Indulging in one mild “taboo” with another person can lead to breaking others.

Sex and weed can enhance physical sensations. Many users report their sense of touch is heightened. For many men, marijuana can shift some attention away from their usual single-minded focus on the climax. This can result in a more relaxed, less hurried, more sensual experience for both partners. It’s also probably why, in one survey of 800 men, 83 percent reported cannabis enhanced their sexual pleasure.

Perception of time can also be altered when combining sex and weed which, naturally, leads us to #4…

4. Sex and weed can mean more, and longer, orgasms.

Let’s imagine for a moment that your perception of time has been slowed down by cannabis. Let’s additionally imagine that you’re having an orgasm. Get the picture? For most of us, an orgasm that seems to last much longer than usual is certainly not going to be a problem.

A few women report that weed can make it more difficult to orgasm, because of a certain lack of focus, according to the Archives study. But many more say sex and weed make the big “O” easier, due to lowered inhibitions, increased relaxation, and heightened sensuality.

5. Dosage is important when it comes to sex and weed

As with cannabis use in general, dosage is an extremely important consideration when looking at the herb’s sexual effects. If you take a few hits, the tendency of marijuana to reduce inhibitions can be ideal. But when consumed in larger quantities, the aforementioned lack of focus can become a factor for both men and women.

The “cottonmouth” dehydration experienced by many users can extend to other body parts, including the vagina, in sufficient doses. That means lubrication can become an issue when very high.

There’s another good reason to pay attention to dosage on date night too. If you consume too much cannabis in too short a time, nap time can come a little too soon. Don’t be the one who rolls over and falls asleep when there’s more fun to be had.


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