Uncle Ike’s – Seattle Visit


Uncle Ike’s Pot Shop


Last week I had the opportunity to visit a few shops in Seattle. We were in town for 2 days and wanted to check out Uncle Ike’s Pot Shop.

This is the closest shop to “downtown” Seattle, minutes from tourist spots such as the Space Needle and The Pike Market.

This place by far is the busiest store that I have been in. There are only 8 parking spaces in a very tight lot so that can make it difficult to get in and out quickly.

After having your ID checked you get on line like you are waiting for a rollercoaster. There are menu’s waiting for you so you can see what is available before getting to the counter. We went on a Saturday afternoon and it was packed to the door and I was surprised that we only waited for approx 10 minutes before we were summoned to the counter.

The staff is VERY friendly and knowledgeable. They ask a lot of questions to be able to show you what you may be interested in. They have a HUGE selection of everything you can image from edibles to prerolls and concentrates. Prices seem to be slightly higher than I have seen at other stores but I’m sure it due to their location.

Overall, great experience. Once you can find a parking space! 🙂


2310 E Union St, Seattle, WA 98122
(844) 420-4537



Monday – Sunday

10am – 11:45pm


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