Top 8 Stoner Restaurants in Las Vegas


Top 8 Stoner Restaurants in Las Vegas

So you find yourself in beautiful and sunny Las Vegas, it’s a hot day, you’ve just enjoyed a nice smoke session and the munchies are starting to set in. What to do? Where to go? @BigBearCannabis, your marijuana insider is here to save the day. I am going to list my Top 7…make that 8…let’s make it NINE stoners: Places to Eat for Any Stoner in Las Vegas.

Stoner Menu Pricing:
$ – $2 or less
$$ – $3-5
$$$ – $5-10
$$$$ – $10+

  1. Tony Marc’s Eats – When I think stoner food…I think Tony Marc’s Eats! I mean, come on…they’re open from 4:20PM to 4:20AM They don’t stop there though, many of the names of the food are “stoner” inspired. Names such as: Pineapple Express, Ghost OG, Big Bud, Golden Goat, and White Widow to name a few. I had the Buffalo-B-Q chicken wings and I see why their wings have won awards, because they’re winners. The wings have a sweet and spicy flavor the likes of which I have never tried! I also purchased the Sweet Train Wreck a deep fried PB & J. This was tasty but is an absolute sugar bomb. A bit heavy on the powdered sugar but was otherwise delicious. Most of their stoner snacks are going to be under $5 bucks.
    Price: $$-$$$
    6700 W. Charleston Blvd
    Las Vegas, NV 89146

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  1. Stoned n’ Baked – Located in the downtown area of Las Vegas in what has been dubbed the “container park,” (for obvious reasons you’ll see when you arrive); this is a newly opened spot here in town. When I heard about this place, I figured I had to go down and try them out in the hopes that they would be good enough to make my list. Boy am I glad I came to try Stoned n’ Baked!! At Stoned n’ Baked they make two items: pizzas and brownies! I love that their brownie selection rotates daily. The “Heavenly Hash” look like mana from sweet heaven (no they are not infused, but they look the answer to any sweet tooth’s desire). Their menu is straight forward and their pizza is DELISH!! They use what the cook called “giant easy bake ovens” and they do a perfect job of cooking this personal size pizzas. If you have the munchies you’ll be able to eat one all by yourself (I smashed my version of supreme) or this would be good for two people to split if you weren’t super hungry (like splitting four regular slices). Their pricing is also straight forward. Cheese for $7, one topping for $8, two toppings for $9 and unlimited toppings for $10. No tax, out the door! They clearly use high quality ingredients as everything tasted fresh. Their red sauce is not your everyday red sauce either! Their red sauce is slightly tangy and really does offer a nice zing to the pizza. Are you a fan of pizza, you MUST come to the container park and try Stoned n’ Baked.
    Price: $$$-$$$$
    707 Fremont St. Ste 2310
    Las Vegas, NV 89101

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  1. Ronald’s Donuts –Nothing fancy about this place, just great classic donuts. The term “mom and pop” I think has lost what that truly means, however, this place is the epitome of mom and pop! There is an Asian couple that runs the joint, they’re probably in their 90s but they look to be in their 50s, and they are there every single day they’re open. The highlight of this store for me is their apple fritter. I am a fan of the fritter and I don’t know anyone that does it better than these guys. SUPER crispy on the outside but still nice and doughy on the inside…I don’t know how they get this texture without burning it. I love the nice crispy pieces on the outer edge. Classic donut for a good price!
    Price: $-$$

4600 Spring Mountain Rd.
Las Vegas, NV 89102

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  1. Mermaid’s Casino – Have you ever put a deep fried Oreo in your face? How about a deep fried Twinkie? If you love battered and deep fried sugar balls, you’ve got to stop by Mermaid’s Casino located on Fremont Street in Old Town Las Vegas. If I am stoned, this is one of my absolute must stops while on Fremont. Oh, and if you’re ballin’ on a budget, their deep fried treats are only $0.99 cents!! :-O However, there are rumors going around that Mermaid’s is going the way of the Las Vegas Casino dinosaurs and won’t be available much longer.
    Price: $
    32 Fremont Street
    Las Vegas, NV 89136

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  1. Secret Pizza – Are you a fan of thin crust New York style pizza? Located in the Cosmopolitan Hotel, this is one of my favorite pizza joints in the world! What more can I say about a place that has a 12-year-old sourdough starter that they use for their crust? Well I suppose I could say that they make almost everything from scratch, like their meatball style sausage which they slice thin when topping your pizza. Just make sure to get there early because if you catch the crowd coming out of Marquee Nightclub, you’re going to wait…and like a long time!
    Price: $$
    The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
    3708 Las Vegas Blvd S
    Las Vegas, NV 89109
  2. Boiling Crab – I love being messy when I eat and it doesn’t get much messier than eating at the boiling crab. No need for a receptacle to put your (clam/crab/lobster) shells, they go right on the table. A word of caution however…coming from someone that likes a nice kick of heat, be careful. Their medium is more like “holy shit that’s hot” at times! Their Shabang sauce is a kick of flavor your mouth won’t soon forget. This is easily the most expensive restaurant on my list, but is well worth the wait and the price. If you’re a fan of seafood, this spot is for YOU!

Price: $$$$
4025 S. Decatur Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89103

  1. Roberto’s – Up late? Got the munchies? Roberto’s is open 24 hours and has locations every three blocks in Las Vegas. This is really tasty food for a smokin’ price! I recommend the Carne Asada Super Nachos (without beans) but split the nachos they are HUGE! In fact, everything here is in large portions. Always cooked fresh, always good food, always great prices!
    Price: $-$$
    Fucking Everywhere
    Las Vegas, NV
  2. In-N-Out – If you’ve never been to In-N-Out then I assume you’ve never been to a city that has an In-N-Out! Not only are their burgers affordable, they’re delicious. Your food is always hot because they don’t make it till you order it. In-n-Out has some of the best fries in the game, but don’t make the mistake of letting them go cold because when their fries are hot they can’t be beat…and when their fries are cold they can’t be eat. This is a place you can eat fast food and feel okay about it. In-n-Out is notorious for using locally sourced produce and quality meat. They manage to keep quality high and cost low. This is a great stoner burger, make sure to check them out while you’re in Vegas or any city with one really.
    Price: $$$
    Multiple Locations Throughout
    Las Vegas, NV
  3. Fuku Burger – If you’re a foodie like I am and you love a crazy burger, then go seek out a Fuku Burger truck; or their restaurant just off of Spring Mtn. on the west side of China Town! The burgers are inspired by the tart and spicy-sweet flavors of Asian cuisine. Their namesake burger the Fuku Burger is no standard burger. Whatever deliciousness they put in their Fuku Sauce should be shared with the world. However, it doesn’t stop with their Fuku Sauce, they also feature a wasabi mayo and always use the freshest ingredients. Their truck has become a place for people to hangout and eat great food. Last but not least make sure to order their Jazz Fries with ANY order! Just thinking about Jazz Fries has my mouth watering!
    3429 S. Jones Blvd
    Las Vegas, NV

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