Kittengate!! What Hillary Has Done to Kittens Will Shake You to the Core

Kittengate!! Hillary Done Kittens Shake Core

Kittengate!! What Hillary Has Done to Kittens Will Shake You to the Core

Some very disturbing news from the Clinton Campaign today. Sources have received taped conversations from a maid servicing the President during the Clinton administration when Hillary was just an inspiring first lady…..or so we thought! This staffer had close access to the family during their stay in our prized White House, but what she walked in on one day might leave you all aghast and galled.

According to the maid on November 16th 1996, she was performing her cleaning duties outside of the former First Lady’s private bathroom when she heard strange noises. She said, “ I didn’t want to intrude on Ms. Clinton as she had scolded us in the past for speaking to her unless spoken to but the noises were to eerie to ignore.”

The door was slightly opened so as the maid said “I thought to be safe I would peak in just to make sure she was ok.” What she saw next rattled her to the core!

The maid added, “In all my years I never thought I would see another human being do such a thing to a harmless innocent creature!” What might she be referring to you ask? Ms. Clinton was caught punching a defenseless kitten….that is right, you heard it…a KITTEN! How can this be?! When the maid saw this she gasped loud enough for Clinton to hear so she swung the door open “fiercely” and proceeded to plead with her not to tell anyone of this as it could ruin her forever. When the maid asked why, Hillary responded by saying “I need to get my stress out on something and the sound a kitten makes when you punch it gets me excited and makes me feel alive!”

Hillary then struck a deal with the maid to send her a living salary through the Clinton Foundation and she will never have to work another day in her life! Unfortunately for both the White House has recording devices in all rooms and thanks to the recent hacks, this leaked along with the more damning information regarding Hillary’s email scandal.

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By Chip Stanwich

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