Hazy Hula High Reviews The Glunt


I have had the pleasure of reviewing one of the most innovated products out on the market!  The Glunt!   This sleek glass blunt offers full flavor taste of your product.  It’s storage capabilities allows safe travels.  If you cannot finish your session you can simply cap the top and be on your way.  No more worries of ripping paper, holes, or tears.  Your lungs will thank you for not having to inhale so many chemicals, like you would with any paper product.  This is a great design for parties and large groups.  It’s easy to use and you will no longer need to have expert rolling techniques.

I have taken this with me in many group settings and I always hear the same comments.  “That’s amazing!”  “I need this!”  “Where do I get one of these?!”  Right off the gate it’s a must have in any active smokers life.  Now I don’t ever want to buy blunt raps, or rolling papers.
It’s sleek design allows for easy cleaning.  It’s a long tube, with no tiny holes or crevasses.  No more scrubbing and waiting for your glass piece to dissolve in the latest solution that promises easy cleaning.  The Glunt comes with an easy cleaning kit to maintain a long lasting product.
If you’re an avid smoker, like me.  You have to get your hands on this product.  Think of all that money you will save not having to purchase papers.  Once device is all you will ever need. The Glunt!

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