Hazy Hula High Reviews o2Vape Cerm-X and Flip

Hazy Hula High Reviews o2Vape Cerm-X and Flip

The flip is an on-the-go all in one vape. It’s even built to fit on your keychain. It’s USB is attached and it’s functionality alone is impressive. There are three temperature settings, which makes this one of the most unique vapes I’ve tried.

The ceram-x will knock your socks off. It’s spill proof, no hot wax on your fingers, or oil spills! Again, built for on-the-go use. This piece is durable and built for maximum air flow. The hit on this pen was outstanding. I found o2vape’s products to be durable, unique, and made for travel. I’d highly recommend their products as I travelled around town, to the mountains, and even at a concert. All the while staying in my happy place.

Get yours here! https://o2vape.com/

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