Best Cannabis Products to Look for in 2017


Best Cannabis Products to Look for in 2017

2017 Cannabis Products: 2016 was an incredible year for cannabis and we think 2017 will be even better! The innovation in this industry is unstoppable, and we’ve compiled a list of some of the best cannabis products to look out for in 2017.


best cannabis products davinci vape

Start 2017 off like a boss and experience vapor in a whole new way! DAVINCI IQ is a sleek, well-designed intelligent portable herb vaporizer that delivers pure flavor. It offers three temperature control modes for optimal experience, four stylish colors to choose from and a mobile app that takes you lightyears ahead in vaporizers. This is absolutely the MUST get gift for everyone at any skill level. #RaiseYourIQ

2. 24K Gold Shine Papers

best cannabis products shine papers

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What better way to start off the new year than with a 24k Gold joint! Our 24k Gold Pre-Rolled Cones are beautiful, convenient and easy to use. Not only do Shine Papers turn every head in the room, but the papers also burn extremely slow while leaving behind Gold in the ashtray. This year is your year. Here’s to you!

3. Goldleaf Grow Journals

best cannabis products goldleaf grow journals

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First-of-their-kind grow journals designed specifically for cannabis cultivation. Most top growers already keep a journal to track their grows in some way, if you don’t, you should try it. Our journals are made to help you more easily document the essentials in your garden.  They are elegant in design, incredibly functional and feature templated entry pages, blank feeding charts, tasting pages, helpful references and more. Not only are they fun to fill out, but they will help you improve your process, quality and yield over time. Check out our popular cannabis notebooks and science-forward art prints now.

4. Lean Green Wizard Cone Filling Machine

best cannabis products lean green wizard

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Meet the Lean Green Wizard – a brand new cone filling machine so easy to use it’s practically magic. The inventor of the product thought of everything to ensure a perfectly packed pre-roll every time. It’s stand-up design and removable tray make the mess and difficulty typically associated with filling cones disappear. Equipped with an indestructible grinder and magic wand, you hold the power to quickly pack 1¼” or king size cones anywhere.

5. FUNKSH Pipes

best cannabis products funksh pipes

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Take control of your smoking experience with the one of a kind FUNKSH 360! The world’s only pipe with an adjustable airway controller, this sleek waterproof and odorless pipe lets you choose exactly what kind of hit you want. The Medical Grade G-23 Titanium makes the FUNKSH 360 virtually indestructible and clean tasting, allowing the flavor of your flower to come through smoothly with no more coughing. The lifetime warranty means that this might be the last pipe you ever have to buy! Treat yourself with both styles or gift one to a friend.  Purchase 2 FUNKSH 360 and take 20% off with code “20off360”.

6. Roll-uh-Bowl Portable Silicon Water Pipe

best cannabis products roll uh bowl

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Check out the new BiG RuB from the #1 selling silicone water pipe, Roll-uh-Bowl®.  Standing at 12”, the BiG RuB is stronger, larger & thicker in size, has a suction cup base and comes equipped with a newly refined King-sized Eject-a-Bowl, which is made out of stainless steel.
The BiG RuB is perfect for those who like the feel of a more traditional bong, but with its innovative design, the BiG RuB still has all the features and benefits of the “OG” Roll-uh-Bowl, such as ability to fold up and turn into a dab rig.
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7. Linx Vapor Vaporizer

best cannabis products linx vapor

I think we can all agree that vaping is the healthiest choice, but are all vaporizers created equal? The answer is no. Many vaporizers are made using cheap plastic materials. When plastic is heated, it can release toxins into the vapor path, which ultimately ends up in your lungs. The Hypnos Zero has a toxin free ceramic plate atomizer, medical grade stainless steel body and glass mouthpiece. The vapor path is completely plastic free, giving you the best possible nontoxic flavor. Don’t wait. Breathe innovation.

8. Kushy Punch Vape Pens

best cannabis products kushy punch vape pens

Mango Madness- Like strolling through the intoxicating aroma of a lush Mango grove… As you saunter gently through the field of endless mangoes, you reach up and pluck the fruit. This flavor perfectly encapsulates the tropical intensity of tree-ripened Mangoes. You’re then met with the gentle flesh contrasted with a burst of sweetness. This Kushy Vape flavor is meticulously crafted and paired with the terpene, Myrcene, the elevating, uplifting effects of THC are intensified while also providing a natural fresh taste of Mango on each exhale. The lingering undertones of pine add a delightful sharpness that brings you a cooling effect to each vape hit.

9. Wax Liquidizer

best cannabis products wax liquidizer

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You don’t have to stress about being judged by people when you take your medicine with you to crowded places. Wouldn’t you love to find a way to use your precious extracts and concentrates anywhere you go without attracting unwanted attention and while enjoying delicious tastes out of your personal vaping device of any kind and type? Thanks to Wax Liquidizer, you can have your mix ready to use in under a minute with the freedom to choose strength, flavor, and the type of extract that appeals the most to you!

10. BuddaBox Monthly Subscription Box

best cannabis products buddabox

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BuddaBox is the ultimate Stoner kit tricked out with fresh 420 accessories, gear, and glass delivered straight to your door. Each box has a custom handcrafted theme like this “Roll One” box available now and designed by seedless.


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