Golden Eagle Inn Beaver Creek, CO


Golden Eagle Inn


This has to be my favorite spot in Beaver Creek, Colorado.  The inside of this little gem is more of an older late 70’s early 80’s chic feel, with pink hand napkins neatly folded on the tables.

We decided on an appetizer,  crispy duck wings.  This has got to be the best duck I have ever tasted, as one who sometimes doesn’t travel out of their “box” when it comes to food, I loved these.  Super crunchy with great seasoning, these were not gamey-tasting at all.  For an entrée, I ordered the roasted turkey sandwich.  Okay, so this sandwich is mind blowing!  It’s roasted turkey with sliced cucumber, baby spinach, red onion relish, and a garlic aioli on ciabatta bread…  Wow! This is definitely my new favorite sandwich.  My husband had the elk tacos, which I was afraid to try, but since he is also not a fan of gamey meat, I trusted him. Surprisingly, these were delicious as well.

This wonderful meal was met with a personal touch by our waiter who brought us a complimentary  glass of champagne and a peach meringue dessert.  The only disappointment was not having enough room in my stomach for all of the dessert.

If you are ever in Beaver Creek, be sure to stop into this joint!




Monday – Sunday

11:30am – 9pm


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