8100 Mountainside Bar & Grill Beaver Creek, CO


8100 Mountainside Bar & Grill


The 8100 Mountain side has excellent service; the restaurant has a great rustic, modern-mountain appeal.  We were able to choose a seat by the fire place that accompanied the dimed elegant lighting.  All around it was a preeminent first choice we made.

The half chicken with the lemon sauce was amazing.  The chicken was juicy and seasoned to perfection, several sides to choose from, we chose fries in a special seasoning with a sort of honey mustard sauce.     I strongly recommend taking a seat at 8100 Mountainside Bar & Grill.

I will have one criticism that is the lava cake as you can see by the picture provided it is absolutely aesthetic, it wasn’t so lava-e.  I have made better at home, however this could have been a bad night.  Again the presentation was pure talent, it had a great taste.  It was more like a cake no lava just cake.  Please do not get discouraged, we ate here twice on our trip because the food, service, and over all experience was wonderful.


50 W Thomas Pl, Avon, CO 81620

(970) 827-6600




Monday – Sunday

7am – 10pm


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