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The Starry 3.0 from XVape | Hazy Hula Reviews
The Starry 3.0 from XVape!  Hey Cannafam! Welcome back, today I have the pleasure of reviewing one of my favorite vapes out there right now the starry 3.0 from xvape! ********************************** SUBSCRIBE TODAY: **********************************...
At Home Cold Brew | GoStoner Kitchen
At Home Cold Brew!  Hey GoStoners! Welcome back to my channel! Today is the day after 420 and we all need a pick me up, but some we might be on a budget. Today I...
XVape Mini Vista | Hazy Hula Reviews
XVape Mini Vista!  Loving this Vista Mini! I saw this piece and had to have it. Come sesh with me while I review this amazing vape.  I had so much fun with this thing as...
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