Does Vaping Weed Make You Less Likely To Be Caught

Does Vaping Weed Make You Less Likely To Be Caught While several states have made cannabis legal recreationally and several more have made medical marijuana legal, there may still be plenty of reasons you don’t want to get caught using it. Maybe your parents don’t approve. Maybe your lease has a strict no- smoking policy. [...]

Professional Athletes That Smoke Weed

As weed continues to shift from “counterculture” to simply “culture,” there are plenty of big-ticket names that have become increasingly candid about their cannabis use. This includes notable celebrities, politicians, and even athletes. Sure, weed might be legal (to varying capacities) throughout 30 states and the District of Columbia, but there hasn’t been a legal [...]

Longtime NBA coach has found weed in retirement

Don Nelson rode his “Nellie Ball” brand to a regular-season record 1,335 NBA coaching wins over 31 seasons. Now he has another brand — a strain of marijuana called “Nellie Kush.” “Oh, it’s great. Great stuff,’’ the retired coaching legend, now 77, told The New York Times, describing the weed he grows for personal use at [...]

9 Ways To Incorporate Weed Into Your Personal Aesthetic

There’s toking up and then there’s making pot part of who you are. Looking to extend your appreciation for the herb beyond the smoking sesh? Look no further than our official High Times guide on how to incorporate weed into your personal aesthetic. Remember that an aesthetic isn’t just based on what or who you wear. Your decor, [...]

This is the easiest way to make weed ice cream

Considering the end goal, making marijuana edible can be a comically precise process, often entrusted to industrious professionals or abandoned midway by stoned hobbyists. Pastry chef Katy Peetz, formerly of Roberta’s in Brooklyn, has developed a polished recipe for giggle-inducing, weed-infused ice cream. Her method requires a home ice cream machine and some patience. But if [...]

Trading wine for weed? Experts say trend likely to accelerate thanks to legal pot

DENVER — Would you trade your wine for weed? Legal pot may reshape wine sales across the country as professionals, particularly women seeking to cut calories, set down their wine glasses and switch to cannabis, concludes a new analysis by one of Europe's biggest banks. Conventional wisdom has long held that brewers have the most [...]

Come aboard the cannabus: More seniors taking trips to get weed

An 86-year-old man in a bright yellow sweatshirt and matching baseball cap grips his walker tightly. He stands near the door of a large bus, the charter name American stretching over his shoulder. He greets neighbors and trades jokes with an official-looking woman, clipboard at the ready, checking people in as they board. They spot [...]

Weed could be Ky.’s future

Kentucky teachers protested at the Capitol not just for better wages but for the very lives of our children. The better prepared and educated they are, the greater the benefit to our state and country. The money these teachers seek is available in a new revenue stream just waiting for us: the cannabis industry. States [...]

How to pick a good weed grinder

Using a good weed grinder is a necessity that saves you stress, money and your precious dry herb. A good grind makes your stash last longer and is easier on your device than trying to smoke or vape an entire nug. Grinding increases the flower’s surface area, making for a consistently smooth and efficient burn. [...]

Metrics point to weed substituting for booze in marijuana states

According to Yahoo! Finance, medical marijuana is one of the nation’s fastest-growing industries, right up there with construction, financial institutions and cryptocurrencies. BDS Analytics, a Boulder-based company that provides marijuana market data and analysis, reported a nationwide total of nearly $10 billion in sales. And remember, that data doesn’t include California’s recreational marijuana sales, which [...]
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