What To Know About Recreational Marijuana Sales in Massachusetts

July 1, a fated day in Massachusetts for advocates of recreational marijuana, came and went. The first day that stores were allowed to sell nonmedical cannabis passed without so much as a joint sold. No retailers had been licensed, and July 1 turned out much like any other day since December 15, 2016, when it became [...]

How expensive will legal marijuana be in Massachusetts when retail stores open?

It's a simple question for a complicated market. For states that have legalized recreational marijuana, the new authorized markets have carried the promise of increasingly cheap weed. In Colorado, wholesale cannabis prices have dropped roughly 35 percent since their 2015 peak. In Oregon, some pot shops reportedly sell grams of weed for less than a glass of craft beer. [...]


In 2015, the first medical marijuana dispensary opened in Massachusetts. This was nearly eight years after voters first approved the decriminalization of small amounts of marijuana in 2008. But stoners, rejoice: Massachusetts legalized the use of marijuana in 2016, and in 2018, recreational marijuana dispensaries will be coming to the state as well. With any luck, we might [...]

Massachusetts’ New Recreational Cannabis Laws

Massachusetts' New Recreational Cannabis Laws Massachusetts voters passed Question 4 to legalize recreational marijuana possession. The votes make cannabis completely medically and recreationally legal for purchase, possession, and limited grow operations in eight states (Colorado, Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Massachusetts, Maine, and Washington, D.C.). At a Glance Create a commission similar to the Alcohol Beverage Control Commission [...]
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