What To Know About Recreational Marijuana Sales in Massachusetts

July 1, a fated day in Massachusetts for advocates of recreational marijuana, came and went. The first day that stores were allowed to sell nonmedical cannabis passed without so much as a joint sold. No retailers had been licensed, and July 1 turned out much like any other day since December 15, 2016, when it became [...]

Sea weed? Fisherman hauls in marijuana

He was trolling along the weedline and discovered something fishy. Jorge Bustamante was looking for king fish or mahi mahi off Pompano Beach Monday but found a marijuana brick instead. South Floridians have a name for his unusual but not unheard of type of find: Square grouper. In a series of social media postings on Instagram, Bustamante and [...]

Illinois lawmakers vote to let kids take medical marijuana in school

The Illinois Senate’s overwhelming vote to allow sick students to take medical marijuana in school sends the proposal to Gov. Bruce Rauner for a decision on its fate. The state Senate voted 50-2 to allow students who qualify for medical marijuana to consume it on school premises, as long as they don’t smoke it and school officials agree that it [...]

How expensive will legal marijuana be in Massachusetts when retail stores open?

It's a simple question for a complicated market. For states that have legalized recreational marijuana, the new authorized markets have carried the promise of increasingly cheap weed. In Colorado, wholesale cannabis prices have dropped roughly 35 percent since their 2015 peak. In Oregon, some pot shops reportedly sell grams of weed for less than a glass of craft beer. [...]

Seattle seeks to abolish hundreds of pot convictions in light of legal marijuana

Seattle prosecutors are seeking to abolish more than 540 convictions against people caught carrying small amounts of pot in the city. A municipal judge is reviewing the convictions with an eye toward clearing offenders' criminal records, which advocates say have limited their job and housing opportunities. The 542 people were convicted prior to 2010, when city [...]

Inside the world’s first marijuana farmers market

This is no ordinary farmers market. For one, you enter it not through a parking lot or city street, but through a concrete tunnel with a low ceiling, designed to simulate the underground chambers through which smugglers bring contraband marijuana from northern Mexico to southern California. And when you finally emerge, you won’t find heirloom [...]

Marijuana And Meditation May Both Reduce Anxiety. Which Is Better?

A huge number of people deal with chronic anxiety, either in the form of generalized anxiety or social anxiety disorder, or both. There are certainly effective treatments out there, but this week, a couple of studies have been in the news. One study, from Washington State University, looks at the role pot may play: More specifically, [...]

More older Americans are smoking marijuana

U.S. marijuana consumption is more prevalent today than during the conservative 1980s. Surges in drug use are often attributed to “kids these days,” but new research shows that the change has been driven not by stereotypical longhair youngsters but by the gray-haired and balding set. Researchers William Kerr, Camillia Lui and Yu Ye integrated 30 years of survey data from [...]

Metrics point to weed substituting for booze in marijuana states

According to Yahoo! Finance, medical marijuana is one of the nation’s fastest-growing industries, right up there with construction, financial institutions and cryptocurrencies. BDS Analytics, a Boulder-based company that provides marijuana market data and analysis, reported a nationwide total of nearly $10 billion in sales. And remember, that data doesn’t include California’s recreational marijuana sales, which [...]

President Trump Flip-Flopped on Marijuana, Again

Trump's support for states' rights should be taken with a grain of salt. The marijuana industry is growing like a weed. Sure, that's a corny way of putting things, but it also very accurately describes the fast pace and consistent path to growth for the cannabis industry at the moment. In North America, according to [...]
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