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The Trump administration has found a new way to crack down on legal weed

New rules from the SBA will make it hard for companies that do business with the marijuana industry to gain access to loans. Far from just weed companies, the new rule could extend to web designers, gardening suppliers and others who may derive just a small portion of their revenues from marijuana firms      [...]

Why N.J. legal weed plan went off the rails and how it can be saved

Bad blood getting worse. A lack of leadership. And a new governor learning the ropes. Those are three reasons New Jersey is without legal recreational marijuana, a law supported by a majority of residents. Adult-use marijuana, of course, had been a campaigning point and a "First 100 Days" priority after Phil Murphy was elected governor and took office in January. Day [...]


This article, along with others about the growing legalization of marijuana, is featured in Newsweek's Special Edition: Weed Nation. Twenty-nine dollars and 85 cents. That’s the amount of money on the property tax bill received by Russell and Helen Bryan, a modest sum that led to the creation of a multi-billion-dollar industry. The Bryans, an Ojibwe [...]

I Went on a Tour of America’s Biggest Legal Weed Factory

The $15 million facility will have 25,000 plants producing 10,000 pounds of marijuana a year. Adam Bierman, the bullishly confident 36-year-old CEO of MedMen—the first American cannabis company to be valued at a billion dollars—thinks Donald Trump is very good for business. “This administration is the best we’ve had in a very long time for [...]

What John Boehner’s Pivot On Cannabis Tells Us About The Legal Weed Boom

Last week, John Boehner, the retired congressman from Ohio and former Speaker of the House of Representatives, announced on Twitter that he was getting into the weed game: John Boehner ✔@SpeakerBoehner I’m joining the board of #AcreageHoldings because my thinking on cannabis has evolved. I’m convinced de-scheduling the drug is needed so we can do research, help [...]


In 2015, the first medical marijuana dispensary opened in Massachusetts. This was nearly eight years after voters first approved the decriminalization of small amounts of marijuana in 2008. But stoners, rejoice: Massachusetts legalized the use of marijuana in 2016, and in 2018, recreational marijuana dispensaries will be coming to the state as well. With any luck, we might [...]

Positive Smash 420 Legal Weed Review- Gold Leaf Purple Punch

Positive Smash 420 Legal Weed Review- Gold Leaf Purple Punch Bong- Pipe- Vaporizer- Flic Wic- Positive Smash for a Discount MJ Arsenal- Hemper Link- CODE-PositiveSmash SMASH15 for 15% OFF POSITIVESMASH for a discount off the larger plate. 20% OFF RYOT and KANNASTOR with the code SMASH420 POSITIVESMASH FOR $10 OFF AN [...]

Positive Smash 420 Legal Weed Review-Sweetwater Farms Strawberry Lemonade

Positive Smash 420 Legal Weed Review-Sweetwater Farms Strawberry Lemonade Strawberry Lemonade is one of those strains I've probably tried a few times by different growers. Everyone had their own cross of this strain similar to how people have a ton of different Girl Scout Cookies strains. Below I have listed everything I used in this [...]

420 Science Club Legal Weed In Las Veags- SAHFS

420 Science Club Legal Weed In Las Veags- SAHFS Shop my favorite products at 420 Science here: You can follow me @slowerfuture on youtube, insta, twitter, whatever. Nevada just went recreational! Enjoy footage I've taken of the weekend! Thanks to Oasis Medical Cannabis and Acres Dispensary for letting me shoot. We are 420 Science, [...]

Where Can You Now Legally Smoke Marijuana

Where Can You Now Legally Smoke Marijuana In addition to voting for President Trump on Tuesday, thousands of Americans elected to be allowed to smoke a joint. California, Massachusetts, Maine, and Nevada all voted to legalise marijuana for recreational use, doubling the number of states were this is allowed. Getting high for fun was already legal in Colorado, Alaska, Washington, [...]
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