How expensive will legal marijuana be in Massachusetts when retail stores open?

It's a simple question for a complicated market. For states that have legalized recreational marijuana, the new authorized markets have carried the promise of increasingly cheap weed. In Colorado, wholesale cannabis prices have dropped roughly 35 percent since their 2015 peak. In Oregon, some pot shops reportedly sell grams of weed for less than a glass of craft beer. [...]

How to pick a good weed grinder

Using a good weed grinder is a necessity that saves you stress, money and your precious dry herb. A good grind makes your stash last longer and is easier on your device than trying to smoke or vape an entire nug. Grinding increases the flower’s surface area, making for a consistently smooth and efficient burn. [...]

Sanjay Gupta’s ‘Weed 4’ documentary explores how marijuana could solve the opioid crisis

Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s latest report will take a look at marijuana’s potential to save lives from opioid addiction. CNN’s chief medical correspondent examines marijuana’s possible role in ending America’s painkiller problem in the upcoming special report, Weed 4: Pot Versus Pills. In the latest installment of his Weed documentary series, Gupta will meet with addiction researchers and pain [...]

How Viceland got its hands on ‘biggest weed supply’ ever for ad

The team got 20lbs of the stuff with a weed budget of $20,000. Viceland, the TV arm of Vice, has been shooting a promo for Weed Week. It’s like Shark Week, but with lots and lots of marijuana. The seven-day pot-a-thon will run on Viceland starting April 16. It’s only in its second year, but [...]

That High Couple How Does It Feel to Be HIGH?

That High Couple How Does It Feel to Be HIGH? HIGH FRIENDS! Join Alice & Clark as they discuss what it feels like to be high from weed. Spoiler: IT'S AWESOME!! ? LIKE ? COMMENT ✅ SUBSCRIBE ? ➡ ---------------------------------------------------------- ⭐ JOIN OUR PATREON CLUB ➡ [SOCIAL MEDIA] Facebook: ( Instagram: ( Twitter: [...]
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