Hazy Hula High

Hazy Hula High Reviews The Titan 2 from NyVapeShop.com

Today I reviewed the Titan 2 from Ny Vape Shop. This affordable dry herb vape got me roped. I took it to the city and on a few adventures. It is super lightweight, this makes for easy portability. It’s got smooth, lasting hits. More for solo use or 2 person. I love the extra mouth [...]

Hazy Hula High Reviews The One Nectar Vape from YoCan

The One Nectar Vape rocks my socks! This concentrate vape serves as a vape pen and a nectar collector. It has a smooth, refreshing hit, brought to you by the glass water piece. This product comes in an array of colors to choose from. The portability for this nectar collector is on point! Great pricing [...]

Hazy Hula High Reviews the Saber from NYVapeShop.com

Hazy Hula High Review the Saber from NYVapeShop.com I traveled with this amazing wax pen, and it travels well. It’s magnetic feature keeps your hands from getting sticky after applying your concentrates. It packs a punch of a hit which I look for in wax pens. It allows you to talk taste the concentrate and [...]

Hazy Hula High Reviews The Ceram-x from o2vape

Today I reviewed the Ceram-X by O2vape. This nifty concentrate pen has superior air flow. A smooth, long lasting hit in every use. I enjoyed the durability and the spill proof mechanism. This product has outstanding battery life, it will last 60-90 minutes. It’s perfectly portable, even including a key chain application tool. I’m a [...]
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