Longtime NBA coach has found weed in retirement

Don Nelson rode his “Nellie Ball” brand to a regular-season record 1,335 NBA coaching wins over 31 seasons. Now he has another brand — a strain of marijuana called “Nellie Kush.” “Oh, it’s great. Great stuff,’’ the retired coaching legend, now 77, told The New York Times, describing the weed he grows for personal use at [...]

Weed’s 420 Holiday Has Hazy Origins But The Economic Impact Is Very Real

How did April 20th, “4/20” become the unofficial national holiday for smoking weed? Did it start with high school kids who said they’d meet in the parking lot after school at 4:20pm to get high? Was it the California penal code rule number related to marijuana? The radio code used by police reporting a drug [...]

Arend The Gay Stoner What State Has The Best Weed

Arend The Gay Stoner What State Has The Best Weed I've smoked weed in quite a few places! In this video I talk about the comparison of weed in Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, and Colorado. Based on my experience! I don't mean to offend and I may not be right at all, this video is [...]

Weed News at 420 YouTube’s Adpocalypse has affected me

Weed News at 420 YouTube's Adpocalypse has affected me YouTube's Adpocalypse has affected me but that doesn't mean that I am Done making videos.As the great line from a song as once it ain't Nothing gonna hold me down. We will be selling ashtrays to help fund or road trips. You can find me here. [...]
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