I’d Like My Coffee with a Side of Pot, Please

Caffeine and THC are two great drugs that taste great together. Drugs are fun, but combining drugs is even more fun. And the single best combination of drugs on the planet is that of caffeine and cannabis. There's something downright divine about this mix, and I am certainly not the first person to notice. There's [...]

How to pick a good weed grinder

Using a good weed grinder is a necessity that saves you stress, money and your precious dry herb. A good grind makes your stash last longer and is easier on your device than trying to smoke or vape an entire nug. Grinding increases the flower’s surface area, making for a consistently smooth and efficient burn. [...]

Pot lore: The true story of 420, a marijuana tradition, told by the stoners who invented it

The true history of "420" — the global code for marijuana — started with a treasure map, five teenage boys, a rogue Coast Guardsman and a lucky connection with the Grateful Dead. And, of course, some bud. Canna-sseurs worldwide have been celebrating April 20 (April 20 equals 420 in date form. Catch up, folks.) for decades, most of [...]

Take it from a doctor, keeping weed in the same category as heroin is stupid | Opinion

By Star-Ledger Guest Columnist By David Nathan and Paul Armentano Our nation controls potentially dangerous drugs in a variety of ways, either through direct regulation, as with alcohol and tobacco, or by placing them on particular lists, also called schedules. The government's "Schedule I" designation is the most restrictive classification for controlled substances, reserved for the most [...]


FIRST TIME SMOKING OUT OF A GLASS BLUNT !!! **GLUNT** **18+** GLUNT https://www.gluntofficial.com/ ~WEEKLY GIVEAWAY SPONSORED BY SMOK'NFLY~ HOW TO WIN?? 1. Be subscribed with notifications on 2. Post a screenshot with proof on **INSTAGRAM** with #NamelessGiveaway ** posting in the comment section or snapchat is not valid to win. Posting on instagram with the [...]

Joya G JoyaRides A Kayak

Joya G JoyaRides A Kayak we had soooo much fun on this kayak!!! I kept calling it a canoe and I️ liked it better but whatever. JOYA SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram: @thejoyaride Twitter: @thejoyaride Snapchat: @joyyyyag Periscope: @joyyyyag WEBSITE: http://www.thejoyaride.com BUSINESS EMAIL: inquiries@thejoyaride.com AREND SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram: @arendrichard Twitter: @arendrox Snapchat: @arend90 Periscope: @arendrichard Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/alenderink [...]

SilencedHippie A Flight of Dabs w/ the Cloud Vape Electro Mini

SilencedHippie A Flight of Dabs w/ the Cloud Vape Electro Mini This video is intended for legal cannabis patients & adults. Legal Rhode Island Medical Marijuana Patient. ------------------ CLOUDV ELECTRO MINI: http://bit.ly/2zLqEqF https://www.instagram.com/cloudvapes/ @SilencedHippie on Twitter, Instagram, Periscope, Phhhoto and Tumblr! @SashaHippie on Snapchat and Spotify! ------------------ Check out http://TiedyedAdventures.bigcartel.com to see what creations I [...]


Evil Evelyn HOTBOXING A SHED W/ THE DAB SPOT Instagram:evil.evelyn| Twitter:evil_3velyn| SC:Tacokisses00| Danielle and I had so much fun hotboxing this shed! We talked about ghosts, aliens and the Boston Freedom Rally! Make sure to check out our Stoney Get Ready with Us that will be up on her channel :) Subscribe to Danielle: https://www.youtube.com/user/thedabspot [...]

CARNE ASADA FRIES mukBONG & MINI Q & A !!! | NamelessStoners

CARNE ASADA FRIES mukBONG & MINI Q & A !!! | NamelessStoners **18+** Business email: Namelesstoners@gmail.com P.O Box #1699 Hawthorne, Ca 90250 \FIND OUR MERCH HERE: ** US ONLY** http://namelessstoners.bigcartel.com/ PROMO CODES Use the code “nameless” for 10% off your next purchase ! https://ichiefcheeba.com/ Rolling Paper Depot Use the code “nameless” for a discount on [...]

Positive Smash 420 Lazarus Naturals LEGAL CBD Review + A GIVEAWAY

Positive Smash 420 Lazarus Naturals LEGAL CBD Review + A GIVEAWAY https://gleam.io/J1h8R/legal-cbd-give... All products are 100% FULLY LEGAL Hemp Derived CBD. https://lazarusnaturals.com Isolate-https://lazarusnaturals.com/shop/unca... Coconut Oil-https://lazarusnaturals.com/shop/unca... Sugar-https://lazarusnaturals.com/shop/unca... Tincture-https://lazarusnaturals.com/shop/unca... Lakey Inspired-https://soundcloud.com/lakeyinspired Thank you so much for the continued support and growth of my channel. You all are AMAZING. Periscope-https://www.periscope.tv/PositiveSmas... Snapchat-Positive.Smash Instagram-https://www.instagram.com/positivesmash/ https://www.instagram.com/positive_sm... Twitter-https://twitter.com/PositiveSmash etsy.com/shop/positivesmash https://www.patreon.com/positivesmash **ALL VIDEOS [...]
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