Ripped Tomatoes Review Scream (Netflix)

Ripped Tomatoes Review Scream (Netflix)

This was another fun one when it comes to horror. We loved doing Scream because it is one of the more recent “Classics” in the horror genera. It has recognizable actors and references younger than 40 years old. Scream definitely and unfortunately falls under the category of 90’s slasher. Alongside movies like I Know What You Did Last Summer and Candy Man.. followed by every fucking bad sequel and follow up to any slasher in the 80’s ever made (We are fucking serious guys, go ahead and take a second to look up how many sequels and prequels came out for slashers in the 90’s..), this one has to work hard to stand out.

Image result for screamWhat makes Scream different? Scream does a great job at keeping you guessing until the end. Until you really know, you don’t actually know who the killer is (No spoilers). The actual plot really holds this movie together, which is why it is so opposite of the other slashers in its era. We won’t talk about those though, Scream clocks in at a…

 = 2 Pot Plants

This one gets 2 pot plants. We are big fans of the horror genera over here at Ripped Tomatoes. Usually a little less gore and more scares is what is really our favorite. Scream delivers on both fronts, but uses more gore to create the horror. We really like this movie, but with all the cutting stabbing and blood, your ass probably shouldn’t be too fucking stoned. That shit would suck. Scream holds up at two pot plants and dips no lower for the sheer suspense. The main female protagonist fights her way, figuring out step by step who is killing her friends. The plot twists and unexpected final result really make it worth a little toke.

Scream holds it own in the plot and acting department for the majority of the movie. The only part that isn’t getting looked past..? The 90’s cheese is a HUGE factor. It isn’t the movie’s fault when it was filmed, it is that it features all the cliche. Sometimes you can just absolutely tell,”This bitch is gonna fucking fall down and get the shit stabbed out of her” You are. She does fall. She does get the shit stabbed out of her. for that reason motherfucker, Scream gets 3 Stars.

white-medium-star.pngwhite-medium-star.pngwhite-medium-star.png = 3 Stars

Image result for scream

All in all, solid slasher film. Goes above and beyond the call of any mid 90’s slasher and creates its own cult like following.The theme of the killer after a scary movie fanatic is great and just vague enough that the end is impossible to guess. A solid watch for you and some of your friends when you only have a gram left.


Fuck You,


-James & Tyler

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