Ripped Tomatoes Reviews John Dies in the End (Netflix)

Ripped Tomatoes Reviews John Dies in the End (Netflix)

God this is a fucking fantastic movie. This one is pretty far out of left field. An insane story-line and unrecognizable actors other than that one fucking guy from Big Fat Liar (Paul Giamati) that came out when I was 10? No way this movie is worth a shit, especially with that stupid fucking name. Fucking wrong, our faithful reader. This movie is why you came to our website. If you like this shit even a little then you will absolutely love this movie.

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cannabisleaf600.pngcannabisleaf600.png cannabisleaf600.png cannabisleaf600.png = 4 Pot Plants

This one gets 4 pot plants. The way the whole story is told will completely fly over your microwaved brain if you go full retard. This is the part where we always (always) say however… So.. HOWEVER, such a great movie to rip tubes to and laugh at with you Image result for john dies at the endfriends. The two main characters find themselves on an unlikely journey slaying science fiction type creatures for the greater good. They stumble on to this dope drug and the movie gets even weirder (In a great way). The soy sauce apparently gets you pretty fucked up, so if you happen to know a guy.. Just saying.

white-medium-star.pngwhite-medium-star.pngwhite-medium-star.pngwhite-medium-star(Half).png = 3.5 Stars

We have to give this movie 3.5 stars. We fucking love this film and think it is a classic, but rating it 5 stars would be incorrect. As stated earlier, the actors are completely unknown (Other than the guy from Big Fat Liar shout out Frankie Muniz you a real one). This could’ve been a hit with some great new talent, but not so much. Some of this acting is just bad. The movie is saved by how solid the two main characters are and the overall success of the story line. This one is perfectly rated at 3.5.

Great film to sit back and toke with the boys to. One for the late night pizza and pot guys night. Solid story that is basically all about doing drugs. What could be better than doing drugs to a movie based on doing drugs. Nothing fucking nothing. That’s what.. asshole..


Fuck You,


-James, Tyler, & Geno

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