Ripped Tomatoes Reviews Frailty

Ripped Tomatoes Reviews Frailty

If you are one of the people that believe my guy Matt McConaughey only did romantic comedies up until Interstellar, well fuck you. Not to mention the GOAT himself  Bill Paxton (Rest In Peace you legend). To put it simply, this movie is a good one. Chalked full of twists and turns, this thriller will have you guessing until the very end.

This movie comes in at…..

cannabisleaf600.pngcannabisleaf600.png = 2 Pot Plants

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2 Pot plants is a solid rating for this one right here. This is a fucking thriller if I have ever seen one. Correctly categorized for fucking sure. The only problem, well not really a problem I guess.. I don’t fucking know. what was I saying? Anyway, the plot is pretty fucking dope in our humble opinion here at Ripped Tomatoes. We simply think it should be appreciated as such. Don’t want to miss figuring out who the mystery character is. (No spoilers here motherfucker)

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white-medium-star.pngwhite-medium-star.pngwhite-medium-star.pngwhite-medium-star.pngwhite-medium-star(Half).png = 4.5 Stars

The movie does not disappoint and comes in at a solid 4.5 stars. A story filled with murder, lies, and a family hell bent on murdering people they call “demons”. Obviously it is just fucking normal people.. but you be the judge of that. This movie only has one downfall, that many other movies in the genre also share. It just takes way too fucking long to care about this great movie. We seriously do not need 45 fucking minutes of build up.

This one is a little older but that doesn’t make it bad. A solid performance from some actors in their younger days, mixed with a great plot, and the final twist ending knockout to make this fucking shit right here worth the goddamn watch. So go fucking watch it then.


Fuck You,


-James, Tyler, & Geno

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