Weed News at 420 Weed Growers Buy a Town & Trey Gowdy

Weed News at 420 Weed Growers Buy a Town & Trey Gowdy

Trey Gowdy grills clueless national drug policy director. Trey Gowdy Brilliantly Exposes Marijuana Laws And The War On Drugs.

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) is one of the most respected conservatives in Congress today and much of that comes from his willingness to speak candidly and directly even in tough situations.

The most recent example of his ability to cut through all of the confusion and misinformation that comes with most issues in Washington, D.C., Gowdy took on the federal governments ridiculous drug policies.

Namely, the federal drug guidelines that say marijuana is a “worse” drug than cocaine or meth. Currently, marijuana is a “schedule 1” drug that the government says has no known medical purpose. Meanwhile, cocaine and meth are both “schedule 2” narcotics.

Gowdy argues that the government could reevaluate the scheduling guidelines without signaling that they plan to legalize marijuana.

Gowdy’s comments came during a House Oversight Committee meeting that featured the acting White House Drug Policy Office Director Richard Baum. While other, more liberal, members of the committee may be in favor of decriminalizing or legalizing marijuana, Gowdy made it clear that this was not his intent. He simply could not understand how the federal government could pretend that marijuana was a more dangerous product than other obviously more harmful narcotics.

Trey Gowdy: I don’t understand why [marijuana is classified by the federal government] as a Schedule One [illegal narcotic, with no medical value]. We treat it as if it is an inherently dangerous substance for which there is no medicinal value.

It takes a tractor-trailer full of marijuana to even trigger a mandatory minimum under our drug laws. So is there any appetite for researching whether or not it should remain a Schedule One drug?

Richard Baum: Congressman, the administration doesn’t have a position on that. I’m happy to dialogue with your office. Let me just say we strongly support research on medical use of marijuana, and if there are obstacles we see that prevent good research, we want to address those obstacles. Because there are component elements of marijuana that could be put through the FDA process and turned into medicines that could help people in this country, we want to do that. There is potential to support —

Trey Gowdy: Just so everyone is clear, methamphetamine is scheduled what?

Richard Baum: I believe it is schedule two.

Trey Gowdy: Cocaine base is scheduled what?

Richard Baum: Uh, two.

Trey Gowdy: So [cocaine and methamphetamine] are scheduled lower than marijuana, and again, you can schedule something and still not have it scheduled as a one. So you can consult powers that be, whoever in the administration you need to consult with, to at least explore whether or not it is scheduled correctly, without being perceived as advocating for legalization.

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Weed Growers just bought a Town – California Gold Rush is Now the Green Rush

A marijuana company has bought a California ghost town to turn it into a pot-tourism destination.

In 1905, the covered wagons and cattle ranchers came through Nipton, California, on the edge of the Mojave Desert. Then the California Gold Rush sent miners into the desert town.

And in 2017, the legal marijuana “green rush” arrived in Nipton.

American Green, a marijuana-focused technology company, and consultancy has purchased the small town for close to $5 million with plans to turn Nipton into a pot-tourism destination.

The company envisions Nipton (population: 6, according to the last count in 2016) as a ganja-paradise, where visitors might someday tour a marijuana farm, shop the dispensaries, take a dip in the natural spring baths, and enjoy a toke outside a pot-friendly bed-and-breakfast.

Stephen Shearin, a consultant working with American Green on the Nipton development project, told Business Insider that the company aims to “create a community that is accepting and understanding” of the use of marijuana, which is an illegal substance under federal law.

“The [idea] here isn’t to create ‘Woodstock 2017,'” Shearin said. “It’s about creating an environment where people come to work and share in a community.”

The town’s broker told Gizmodo earlier this year that the buyer would need to pay all cash. After four months of negotiations, American Green secured more than 120 acres, all properties, and a working solar farm that will eventually allow the company to operate 100% off-the-grid.

Shearin said the company is committed to keeping the existing small local businesses, which include a general store and a five-room hotel. American Green may also offer the opportunity for locals to work for the company.

Founded in 2009, American Green was virtually unknown until now. It’s a publicly traded technology company that, according to its website, is involved in marijuana-dispensing vending machines, a dispensary-locator app, and seed-to-sale tracking solutions.

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