Weed News at 420 Canada’s Armed Forces wants to try WEED GOGGLES!?

As Canada is making huge steps to be the first country to fully legalize Cannabis, Some members of the Armed Forces want to try weed without actually trying weed. Canada’s Armed Forces to spend $170,000 on **26 pairs ** of weed goggles. (ILL MAKE THEM lol) They expect to have them in by April 30, (With a little bit of tactical planning they could accomplish their mission at a fraction of the cost 10 days earlier by going to a 420 Festival… Just saying.) The weed simulation goggles are not for entertainment They’re designed to help educate officials and raise awareness on potential cannabis Impairment and help promote quality of life within Armed Forces. This comes a time when Justin Trudeau plans on having legal cannabis by July 1 even if there is still opposition within parts of the government towards the planet.

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