Vaping Health and Safety Risks

Vaping Health and Safety Risks

Did you know that vaping can be just as damaging to your health as regular cigarettes? The
health risks associated with vaping are numerous, and many enthusiasts are not even aware of
them. The liquid used in electronic cigarettes usually contains nicotine, plus a cocktail of other
harmful chemicals. Despite being marketed and promoted as a healthy alternative to traditional
cigarettes, the truth is that it’s anything but.

Vaping Defined

Vaping is the term used to indicate the smoking of electronic cigarettes. These tools are shaped
similarly to real cigarettes but are more the size of writing pen. The devices consist of a heating
element, battery power and a reservoir that contains the actual vaping liquid. The liquid may
have a variety of ingredients, but it often includes nicotine, toxic chemicals, and flavoring. When
you take a puff of an e-cigarette, it activates the heating element and creates a vapor that you
can inhale.

Vaping Popularity

Vaping has garnered massive popularity in recent years and especially among the younger
demographic. Roughly three percent of adult Americans engaged in vaping in 2016, according
to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The statistics also showed that about 11
percent of high school kids and four percent of middle school kids also engaged in vaping that

What Really in the Vapor?

Thanks to the targeted marketing, you may believe that vaping liquid is free of nicotine.
However, this is not accurate. Not only does most vaping liquid have nicotine, but even vaping
liquid that is marked nicotine-free usually has some nicotine. Even worse, there are several
toxic chemicals in vaping juice. Ultrafine particles, diacetyl flavorings, heavy metals, and various
other substances and compounds are found in vaping juice. Some of these ingredients are well-
known for causing cancer, lung disease, and other health problems.

Thanks to the hidden nicotine in products marked nicotine-free, you can never really know for
sure what you’re getting when you light up. Even though it's acceptable to say that vaping liquid
has fewer toxic chemicals than standard cigarettes, there are still plenty of health risks
associated with vaping.

What Kind of Health Risks?

Some studies would seem to indicate that vaping is mostly harmless. However, there are plenty
of studies that show that it is harmful. Most research holds some conflict and requires more
long-term study. In 2014, Preventative Medicine published a study that confirms the presence of
cancer-causing chemicals and toxic metals in vaping liquid. Due to airway resistance caused by
vaping, the activity should not be viewed as safe.

Vaping Health and Safety Risks

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