Tim Black Talks Rachel Maddow, Jordan Chariton, Ben Shapiro and more!

Tim Black Talks Rachel Maddow, Jordan Chariton, Ben Shapiro and more!

Surviving in Independent Media is tough. I had an idea of how Independent Media can fund itself. Featuring Secular Talk, Anoa Changa, Holly Seeliger, Ben Dixon, The Humanist Report and MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow can all succeed in doing what they do best for America!

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Hillary 2020, Jordan Chariton Fired, Ben Shapiro and More! Freedom Friday!

Tim Black Comedy and Freedom Friday Includes: Ben Shapiro, The Young Turks, Hillary 2020, Slavery and more. Go to: https://chirpchange.io/ and get your GOOD CAUSE ON!

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Jordan Chariton Smears Tim Black For Interviewing An Alleged Victim

Within Jordan Chariton’s TYT Firing Press Release Jordan announces he will sue TYT, and The Intercept. Jordan also mentions Tim Black. Jarmarl Thomas, HA Goodman, Niko House, Let The Madness Begin and many others have chimed in on the TYT Firing of Investigative reporter Jordan Chariton. This video is to set the record straight regarding my interview with a Jordan accuser, how the interview was arranged, back story and why I went ahead with the interview.

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