Tim Black Talks Bernie Sanders, DNC, Tucker Carson & More

Tim Black Talks Bernie Sanders, DNC, Tucker Carson & More

Donna Brazile’s expose of the Democratic National Committee has had many asking Bernie Sanders if the 2016 Democratic Primary Election was rigged? Bernie made very brief comments on the Democratic Rigging allegations. Tim Black weighs in on Bernie Sanders Intentions based on the short remarks.

The Democrats Get Two Wins: What It Means! #TBANS
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Dodging Debbie Wasserman Avoids DNC Management Questions

Donna Brazile called out former DNC chair and South Florida U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, calling her a bad manager. Debbie Wasserman avoided DNC questions leveled by Donna Brazile similarly to the allegations made by her entanglements to the Imran Awan data and equipment scandal dogging her for last few months.

Donna Brazile On Morning Joe “Clinton Camp Was Like A Cult”

Donna Brazile appeared on Morning Joe 11/8/2017. The discussion was the the alleged rigging of the Democratic Primary against Bernie Sanders and others to benefit Hillary Clinton. Donna Brazile gave further clarity to the treatment she received from the Hillary Campaign Team in Brooklyn. Take that Robby Mook!

Tucker Carson Exposes CNN Coordinated Attacks Against Donna Brazile

Fox News host Tucker Carlson exposes CNN directed hosts and reporters to discredit former Democratic National Committee Chairman Donna Brazile over her new book,. Anderson Cooper and others coordinated an attack on Donna Brazile’s credibility in an attempt to defend Hillary Clinton. Tim Black unpacks this travesty.

Politics Peach Article: https://medium.com/@PoliticsPeach/let…

If America Cared About Veterans Tulsi Gabbard Wouldn’t Need To Make This Speech!

The House just passed a bill to provide Veterans health care assistance. The need for this legislation is shameful and exposes the hypocrisy of a Country that shoves Patriotism down our throats, but does not follow through with caring for Veterans. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard supports Veterans. Tim Black shares your outrage for neglected Veterans in this clip.

Tulsi Gabbard Details on Legislation: https://gabbard.house.gov/news/press-…

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