Mr PotCookie High Folks Talk Arrival, Morgan, Magic Mike XXL

Mr PotCookie High Folks Talk Arrival, Morgan, Magic Mike XXL

An anonymous caller has a thoughtful opinion on Arrival (2016). He thinks the message of the film is the most important part and if you’re a smart person then you should support Arrival. @YaBoyDJJB makes me want to watch the action movie “Morgan” (2016). Clare from @MindAlteredPod gives a quick comment on Magic Mike XXL, Mathew Mcconaughey, and assless chaps. I’ve had a lot of folks asking how they can help the show. Well I don’t need money, but if you can please log into iTunes. Then Rate and Review the show. I’ve been told that it helps people find the show. And the goal of the show is to be a smile making machine. So please rate and review on iTunes so we can make more smiles.…d1186966814?mt=2

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