Master Bong Revolver Bowl + 1/8 Caviar Gold & The Weekend Box

Revolver Bowl Revolver + 1/8 Caviar Gold & The Weekend Box

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I remember seeing Caviar Gold at all the old school events that I went to especially the whole High Times circuit and I will deff say that I have smoked a few Cavi cones here and there and they were of varying potency but they were always packed w that fruity flavor so many people like these days!

These guys are still going strong and Im excited to get down on this videos because my friends over at The Weekend Box in Nevada has teamed up with Caviar gold to bring you this Weekend Box collaboration and we are going to get down w this 9 bowl revolver for your bong and this Caviar Gold will get you lit. I will deff say that I like the buds they do the best because I like to personally roll my own or pack a bowel and the Caviar Gold allows you to do just that.

So in the Caviar Gold Weekend Box you are going to get a taffy, 2 Cavi Js, 2 Cavi Cones and a 1/8 of Caviar Gold! Your set for a night of partying w the homies or homegirls.

Be safe and party on my friends.



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