Master Bong Best Stash Spot for a Stoner Chick

Best Stash Spot for a Stoner Chick


I am Blessed & Highly Favored that the universe has provided me such an amazing Goddess that she comes up w ideas for videos that we can shoot, and that support is just a BLESSING! So I will start w that and go from there because the rest is history, one day a few weeks ago MrsBong had an empty lipstick tube in her bathroom and we were cleaning up and I almost threw it out and then she said WAITTTTT, I have an idea…

We proceeded to take the lipstick tube and clean out the remaining lipstick and think of ways we could smoke out of this lipstick. I shared the ideas I had seen that were actual products and then Mrsbong said let’s make it a stash spot for a joint!

BAM the Lipstick Stash spot was born and not only is it a stash spot you can use it to smoke the joint by simply drilling out the bottom, No one is ever thinking that a lipstick case will be used for smoking let alone have a phat joint in there.

This is perfect for a concert or anywhere you want to go and keep your stash hidden in plain sight.

Roll a phatty and call a sexy goddess over for this video.


MB & MrsBong