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That High Couple Lucky Box Club Sesh & Unboxing

HIGH FRIENDS! Join Alice & Clark for a sesh and unboxing with Lucky Box Club, a new monthly service delivering high quality cannabis throughout California. Sending good vibes!?
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Alice & Clark
P.O. Box 931802
Los Angeles, CA 90093


Lucky Box Club was conceived out of a love of cannabis, saving time, and saving money. We started Lucky Box Club with one mission in mind: to deliver top-quality, curated, cannabis products to California patients in an interesting, creative, and fun way, all with ease and grace.

We’ve created alliances with some of the best brands in California to provide unique products for our boxes. From topicals to flowers to tinctures — we have something for everyone.

And we provide an experience beyond the big name brands– we feature up and coming brands and products as well as art, music, and accessories to enjoy with your medicine.

Fostered with creativity and integrity, we hand deliver custom boxes to fit each of our member’s needs. You won’t find a product in the box that hasn’t gone through quality assurance testing and the approval of the our strict standards.
We are dedicated to the cannabis movement and safe access. We want our members to have peace of mind knowing that every product in their box is safe and lab tested.

At Lucky Box Club, our sommeliers aren’t just schooled in safety, they’re experts in style, craftsmanship, and professional production too.

For $150 a month, they’ll hand-pick amazing items for you from a great selection of some of the top cannabis brands like Legion of Bloom, Fruitslabs, and Cannaderm as well as other fast growing amazing brands like Roots Ranch Rosin, Chateau Cannabis Co., Tok Concentrates, and more! It’s all about the magic of discovery, simplicity and savings at Lucky Box Club.

There’s no need to leave your house for your medicine anymore. Let your stash come to you. Your shipment will be delivered directly to your doorstep, giving you a hassle-free experience, and some great products.

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