Doctor Frank & Guest Peter Spirer: Man, Myth, Legend (of 420)

Have you seen the Peter Spirer-directed The Legend of 420 yet? If not, we highly recommend watching the documentary. Not only are there several people who’ve been on Elevate the Conversation starring in the documentary, but it’s a rather interesting look at where cannabis stands in contemporary U.S. society. Peter takes a hands-off approach and lets the people in (and out) of the cannabis industry speak for themselves.

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About Dr. Frank

Hosted by Doctor Frank, one of our country’s leading voices for medicinal marijuana policy reform; every week, celebrities, personalities, comedians, athletes, authors, politicians and other notables join him for a lively discussion ranging from pop culture to headline news. Together, they “Elevate the Conversation.” THIS IS NOT A PLATFORM ADVOCATING DRUG ABUSE AND/OR RECREATIONAL USE.

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Captain’ Ron Janix

Capitan Ron grew up in Cleveland Ohio, and later graduated from the Ohio State University.  Afterwards, Capitan Ron grabbed his guitar and headed west to Los Angeles where he has worked in and around the entertainment field primarily as a Celebrity Personal Assistant and an Estate Manager.  Outside of work Ron has worked on many independent film and video projects as well as a few radio shows.  He still wonders why he brought that guitar to LA since he can’t play it anyway.