Arend Richard A Sesh in the Forest w/ SilencedHippie

Hi Poppets 🙂

So, a few weeks ago when I was in Jersey I tried to upload this video to my computer from my camera. Unfortunately, I thought that I lost it forever because I couldn’t find it anywhere. You can guess how excited I was when I finally plugged this memory card and it was here!!! I have no idea what happened! I’m so excited that you guys get to see this video!

It’s a bit longer, and it’s worth every minute. I didn’t want to over edit it and it seemed pure in this form.

Thank you so much to my friend Sasha 🙂 I truly feel like I’m looking into a time machine at the moment two people started to become friends. This was about 3 weeks ago. It’s actually lucky that I lost that footage because when Sasha heard that I did she invited me to spend time with her in Rhode Island. That trip really bonded us together 🙂 So, enjoy this journey of friendship between Sasha and I that starts with this video 🙂

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