TAB with Aaron & Mo

TAB with Aaron & Mo

We picked up another Rosin Stix from Panacea Cannabis over at Emerald Haze. This time we got the BeastMode OG!

Grab your favorite Weed and Take a Break with Aaron and Mo!


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DISCLAIMER: We are located in Washington State and under Washington State’s Initiative 502 the possession and consumption of marijuana is legal in our state. Note: I-502 does not preempt federal law. The production, distribution, sale, possession, and use of marijuana is still against, and may be prosecuted under, US federal law. Please check with your local state laws to see if your state allows legal possession and consumption of marijuana.

Hello! We are Aaron and Mo! We’re from Washington State and we review legal marijuana. We enjoy everything about the cannabis culture.
We want to share our experience as recreational marijuana users with the world, so sit back, grab some weed and come “Take A Break with Aaron and Mo”
If you’re interested in having a product for review, you can contact us and we’ll give it an unbiased and honest review. We also are looking out for giveaway items as well.

TAB with Aaron & Mo

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