Ripped Tomatoes Reviews Deadpool

Ripped Tomatoes Reviews Deadpool

See, now when we did Guardians of the Galaxy, this is what I was fucking talking about. This is a fucking super hero movie. The love story is just nasty enough to be absolutely perfect in this.  Ryan Reynolds holds it down as Deadpool and delivers a great movie.

 = 5 Pot Plants

Going to just be perfectly blunt here, this movie obviously and for good reason, gets 5 pot plants. This one right here was made with nothing in mind other than the stoned adult wanting something more than the everyday Iron Man. Deadpool knocks it out of the park with its self aware dialogue and sarcastic draw. Constantly switching between narrator and main character, Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) faces tackling the man that deformed  him and ruined his life forever, Francis.

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   white-medium-star.pngwhite-medium-star.pngwhite-medium-star.pngwhite-medium-star.pngwhite-medium-star.png = 5 Stars

We can’t give this movie anything less than 5 stars. It would be a dishonest review. This movie is honestly a 5 star to us. The action doesn’t tell the story and doesn’t contribute to the 5 stars, it is an added fucking bonus. The story-line itself is solid Image result for Deadpooland doesn’t have any major holes or mistakes. The main thing that makes this movie 5 stars is how it manages to weave a love story into the perfect action.. comedy.. romance.. drama? This fucking shit satisfies all the goddamn categories.

The only person this movie isn’t for is little kids, and that is the beauty in it. This is a super hero movie for the adult kids. The kids that got old but still deserve a fucking solid super hero movie because I am a paying fucking customer now shit bag. Wow, that escalated quickly, my bad.. what was I saying? Anyway, best in awhile, won’t be beaten for a long time. Deadpool better have a fucking sequel.


Fuck You,

-James & Tyler

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