Ripped Tomatoes Review: The Prestige (Netflix)

Ripped Tomatoes Review: The Prestige (Netflix)

Now we think magicians are cool. Like super cool. Like really fucking cool. If you don’t this movie isn’t for you and you can fuck directly off. The Prestige is more than that so if you are still here, the only person that reads this column, then you are pretty fucking dope. Snaps for this guy.

The Prestige is basically about revenge and madness.. those two things are crazy. This movie gets.. 2 pot plants

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     cannabisleaf600.pngcannabisleaf600.png = 2 Pot Plants

Now this is another one that could be argued just because different people have different preferences. For us, we think you should be comfortably high. This story line is really fucking cool. There is shit you need to pay attention to, if you get too fucked up good luck. They reference everything and backtrack ten times. There are enough plot twists in this to make your head spin.

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     white-medium-star.png white-medium-star.pngwhite-medium-star.pngwhite-medium-star.pngwhite-medium-star(Half).png = 4.5 Stars

We can’t, in good faith, be out here giving out 5 stars to movies. We just can’t. It Image result for the prestigewouldn’t be a credible review if we loved everything. We don’t know what to not like, but we are sure as shit you probably will. So 4.5 stars it is. The twists will keep you guessing until the end. This is one of the few movies I will not complain about the build up. The story is well told and well laid out. Well done Bruce and Alfred.


Fuck You,

-James & Tyler

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