IMDWeed Reviews Mother!, The Lego Ninja Movie & Flatliners

IMDWeed Reviews Mother!, The Lego Ninja Movie & Flatliners

In Episode 25, Jessica and Kelly had on Jamie Loftus and saw the psychological thriller mother! by Darren Aronofsky. Was it as good as Black Swan? Questionable. Was it like a crazy rollercoaster of emotions and like living your worst nightmare? Yup. Definitely very creepy, definitely very interesting to talk about. Listen and enjoy!

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The LEGO Ninjago Movie w/Zach Heltzel

In #26 Jessica and Kelly were joined by their pal Zach Heltzel and saw the new Lego Ninjago movie. Unfortunately this film was the case of “the trailer is actually better than the movie” and was not the best, but they did have a heck of a lot of fun talking about why it was trash! If you like the previous Lego movies, this one is not nearly as good, but don’t worry, this podcast is very fun and awesome! Give it a listen!

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Flatliners w/JC Currais

In #27 Jessica and Kelly were joined by their pal JC Currais and saw the new Flatliners. JC told the two of them immediately before it has a zero on Rotten Tomatoes so they knew what the were in for! And man what a hot garbage movie it was! Very fun to watch when you’re stoned and a super duper fun podcast. Let’s all start flatlining bros. Listen and enjoy!

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