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Ripped Tomatoes Reviews Frailty

Ripped Tomatoes Reviews Frailty If you are one of the people that believe my guy Matt McConaughey only did romantic comedies up until Interstellar, well fuck you. Not to mention the GOAT himself  Bill Paxton (Rest In Peace you legend). To put it simply, this movie is a good one. Chalked full of twists and [...]

Ripped Tomatoes Reviews John Dies in the End (Netflix)

Ripped Tomatoes Reviews John Dies in the End (Netflix) God this is a fucking fantastic movie. This one is pretty far out of left field. An insane story-line and unrecognizable actors other than that one fucking guy from Big Fat Liar (Paul Giamati) that came out when I was 10? No way this movie is [...]

Ripped Tomatoes Reviews Clown (Netflix)

Ripped Tomatoes Reviews Clown (Netflix) This fuckin movie is different. That is all we really can say about this. Not a great one but not absolutely terrible. Pretty fucked up though if you ask us. An unsuspecting father puts on a clown costume for his kids birthday and all fucking hell breaks loose (Ever fucking [...]

Ripped Tomatoes High Society Ep 1

Ripped Tomatoes High Society Ep 1 A new segment from us. Step into the smoke circle and talk about the important things in life with High Society smoke sessions. This week we welcome Geno to the crew, talk bongs, and North Korea. Ripped Tomatoes function myFunction() {"", "_blank", "toolbar=yes, scrollbars=yes, resizable=yes, top=500, left=500, width=600, [...]

Ripped Tomatoes Reviews Kong, Skull Island

Ripped Tomatoes Reviews Kong, Skull Island Some people are immediately not going to give this a chance. They are going to see King Kong and assume B movie with B actors. Well guess what asshole, you are fucking wrong. This movie has not one but multiple A+ actors, and a story line that does anything [...]

Ripped Tomatoes Reviews Deadpool

Ripped Tomatoes Reviews Deadpool See, now when we did Guardians of the Galaxy, this is what I was fucking talking about. This is a fucking super hero movie. The love story is just nasty enough to be absolutely perfect in this.  Ryan Reynolds holds it down as Deadpool and delivers a great movie.  = 5 [...]

Ripped Tomatoes Review Scream (Netflix)

Ripped Tomatoes Review Scream (Netflix) This was another fun one when it comes to horror. We loved doing Scream because it is one of the more recent “Classics” in the horror genera. It has recognizable actors and references younger than 40 years old. Scream definitely and unfortunately falls under the category of 90’s slasher. Alongside [...]

Ripped Tomatoes Review: The Prestige (Netflix)

Ripped Tomatoes Review: The Prestige (Netflix) Now we think magicians are cool. Like super cool. Like really fucking cool. If you don’t this movie isn’t for you and you can fuck directly off. The Prestige is more than that so if you are still here, the only person that reads this column, then you are [...]
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