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Vaping Health and Safety Risks

Vaping Health and Safety Risks Did you know that vaping can be just as damaging to your health as regular cigarettes? The health risks associated with vaping are numerous, and many enthusiasts are not even aware of them. The liquid used in electronic cigarettes usually contains nicotine, plus a cocktail of other harmful chemicals. Despite [...]

J-Blaze at the @Royal Dab Show

J-Blaze at the @Royal Dab Show J-Blaze is on location at the Royal Dab Show in Sacramento, Ca. Look at all the beautiful cannabis that there is in this giant flee market for weed!! Tune in to the Demon Seed Radio Network on Saturdays to catch J-Blaze live on the air at 1pm PST or [...]

Hazy Hula High Reviews Smoking Joe Dry Herb Vape

Hazy Hula High Reviews Smoking Joe Dry Herb Vape I’m coming in like the flash and reviewing the Stoner Joe Dry Herb Vape from NYvape shop. They impressed me again with the sleek comic design of their latest dry herb vape. It’s full-flavor his get you where you need to be. Come sesh with me. [...]

Hazy Hula High Reviews The Titan 2 from NyVapeShop.com

Today I reviewed the Titan 2 from Ny Vape Shop. This affordable dry herb vape got me roped. I took it to the city and on a few adventures. It is super lightweight, this makes for easy portability. It’s got smooth, lasting hits. More for solo use or 2 person. I love the extra mouth [...]

Hazy Hula High Reviews The One Nectar Vape from YoCan

The One Nectar Vape rocks my socks! This concentrate vape serves as a vape pen and a nectar collector. It has a smooth, refreshing hit, brought to you by the glass water piece. This product comes in an array of colors to choose from. The portability for this nectar collector is on point! Great pricing [...]

Hazy Hula High Reviews The Zeus from Yocan

I took the Zeus from YoCan to the beach with me. The durable concentrate pen kept me lit and lifted all weekend. Long lasting battery, and strong hits made this super enjoyable. Pricing for this is beyond reasonable you can also receive 15% off with my discount code HAZY15. Check me out on theweedtube.com get [...]
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