Unlimited Lives Broin’ Out

Unlimited Lives Broin' Out Carlo tells us about his new favorite arcade game, TJ reviews his playthrough of Prey (so far), JR recaps the gang’s last D&D session, and we talk through what we know of Destiny 2. Follow us on Twitter: @UnlimitedSXM, @TJDelReno, @TheCrystalBeth, @JohnRobertWilso, @The_GuS_53 Check out our Twitch streams: UnlimitedLivesRadio, GuS_53, MsSparkleDiamond, [...]

Unlimited Lives Molasses Cookies

Unlimited Lives Molasses Cookies John Robert and Crystal are in Iceland and have been replaced by Greg the Zombie and Christine Meehan-Berg. GuS plays Rocket League with Servo, Christine plays Uncharted, Greg plays Borderlands 2 DLC Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep, Megan gets back into video games and TJ plays Zelda Breath of the [...]

Unlimited Lives Thank You Wendy

Unlimited Lives Thank You Wendy GuS plays an updated River City Ransom Underground, John beats the devil in BroForce, TJ and Crystal play Horizon Zero Dawn, TJ plays a bootleg Overwatch called Paladins, Wendy’s final show for a while and we welcome back Megan next week. Weekly D&D session recap, Minecraft Mondays. Hoot News: For [...]

Unlimited Lives Force Too Unleashed

Unlimited Lives Force Too Unleashed This week we celebrate Groundhog’s Day with stories of TJ’s night terrors. Everyone try out D&D with John as the DM, TJ starts the new Unlimited Lives After Dark weekly show with Jaqi Furback and Brian McGuinness, Crystal plays Neverwinter and Diablo 3 with John, Wendy fishes an meets more [...]

Unlimited Lives Biohazard

Unlimited Lives Unlimited Lives Biohazard This week we catch up on our New Year’s Eve celebrations, TJ and Wendy go on a joint Final Fantasy XV loving tangent, John loves blowing things up in Just Cause 3, Crystal plays Shovel Knight for her one and only time and plays mobile game Bleach, GuS plays Resident [...]

Nintendo Switch Bros. Intro! Plus Top 5 Switch Adventure Games

Nintendo Switch Bros. Intro!  Plus Top 5 Switch Adventure Games Aaron and Mo from Take a Break 420 are entering the gaming world! They are bringing their game faces and are getting ready for the launch of the Nintendo Switch! We hope you're as hyped for it as we are! We will both be streaming [...]

Unlimited Lives Best of 2016

Unlimited Lives Best of 2016 The best of Unlimited Lives in 2016 featuring: Ben Dale, Dennis Just, Marcus Parks, Holden McNeely, Marvin the Celeb, Carly Hoogendyk host of Good Bucket, Pat Baer, Jaqi Furback, the origin of Hoot News, favorite moments from Minecraft Mondays, the 100th episode and so much more! Follow us on Twitter: [...]

Unlimited Lives Holiday Hangout

Unlimited Lives Holiday Hangout TJ returns from his Krampus abduction to open his Treasure Goblin gifts, Crystal reads us a list of notable deaths in 2016, Wendy plays Animal Crossing to collect holiday gifts, John and Crystal go to Rhode Island and play Pokemon Sun, GTA Chinatown Wars and Just Cause 3, GuS plays Overwatch and [...]

Unlimited Lives We Spoil Rogue One

Unlimited Lives We Spoil Rogue One This week we celebrate the holidays with a fun hang out show, sadly without TJ who was abducted by Krampus in the night. Crystal plays Destiny sparrow racing and Neverwinter, John Robert plays Super Mario Run after us making fun of it for weeks, GuS plays DotA, Wendy plays [...]

Unlimited Lives No Disassemble

Unlimited Lives No Disassemble This week another settlement needed John Robert’s help in Boston so we go on without him. Wendy plays Pokemon Moon, GuS plays old school Pokemon Blue on his fancy lady’s clutch DS and For Honor alpha, Crystal plays Destiny and Neverwinter, TJ plays Watchdogs 2 and Diablo 3. Hoot News: Destiny [...]
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