Vaping Health and Safety Risks

Vaping Health and Safety Risks Did you know that vaping can be just as damaging to your health as regular cigarettes? The health risks associated with vaping are numerous, and many enthusiasts are not even aware of them. The liquid used in electronic cigarettes usually contains nicotine, plus a cocktail of other harmful chemicals. Despite [...]

Does Vaping Weed Make You Less Likely To Be Caught

Does Vaping Weed Make You Less Likely To Be Caught While several states have made cannabis legal recreationally and several more have made medical marijuana legal, there may still be plenty of reasons you don’t want to get caught using it. Maybe your parents don’t approve. Maybe your lease has a strict no- smoking policy. [...]

Professional Athletes That Smoke Weed

As weed continues to shift from “counterculture” to simply “culture,” there are plenty of big-ticket names that have become increasingly candid about their cannabis use. This includes notable celebrities, politicians, and even athletes. Sure, weed might be legal (to varying capacities) throughout 30 states and the District of Columbia, but there hasn’t been a legal [...]

An Ode to CBD Dabs

Whenever someone’s curious to try cannabis for the first time, I make what many people consider a strange, even stupid suggestion: Try dabbing. I know, I know. Dabbing can be intimidating. In most cases, it means using a blowtorch to essentially freebase concentrated cannabis. High Times once said that the techniques involved “bear an eerie [...]

Uber drivers can narc on passengers’ drug possession in-app

Your Uber driver is not your friend. In fact, they may very well be narcing on you right now — and you could get banned from the ride-hail app as a result. The company's Community Guidelines strictly prohibit "bringing open containers of alcohol or drugs into the car," and that apparently includes weed. Marijuana, of course, is recreationally legal [...]

What To Know About Recreational Marijuana Sales in Massachusetts

July 1, a fated day in Massachusetts for advocates of recreational marijuana, came and went. The first day that stores were allowed to sell nonmedical cannabis passed without so much as a joint sold. No retailers had been licensed, and July 1 turned out much like any other day since December 15, 2016, when it became [...]

Sea weed? Fisherman hauls in marijuana

He was trolling along the weedline and discovered something fishy. Jorge Bustamante was looking for king fish or mahi mahi off Pompano Beach Monday but found a marijuana brick instead. South Floridians have a name for his unusual but not unheard of type of find: Square grouper. In a series of social media postings on Instagram, Bustamante and [...]

Illinois lawmakers vote to let kids take medical marijuana in school

The Illinois Senate’s overwhelming vote to allow sick students to take medical marijuana in school sends the proposal to Gov. Bruce Rauner for a decision on its fate. The state Senate voted 50-2 to allow students who qualify for medical marijuana to consume it on school premises, as long as they don’t smoke it and school officials agree that it [...]

How expensive will legal marijuana be in Massachusetts when retail stores open?

It's a simple question for a complicated market. For states that have legalized recreational marijuana, the new authorized markets have carried the promise of increasingly cheap weed. In Colorado, wholesale cannabis prices have dropped roughly 35 percent since their 2015 peak. In Oregon, some pot shops reportedly sell grams of weed for less than a glass of craft beer. [...]

Meghan Markle’s weed farmer nephew honors her with ‘Markle Sparkle’ strain

This’ll get you royally high. Meghan Markle’s nephew is hawking a weed strain dubbed “Markle Sparkle,” according to new reports. Licensed Oregon marijuana farmer Tyler Dooley is growing the special strain “in honor of his aunt,” according to, an online cannabis database. Dooley, 25, is the son of Markle’s half-brother, Thomas Markle — and while [...]
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