New Movie Rentals 11/24/15

Ok movie lovers, unfortunately this is a slow week for movies.  So looks like we have to spend time with family ;) No big releases this week but a couple of good independent films.  Click the blue button to see the list or watch the preview and buy the movie here. New Movie Rentals function myFunction() {";amazon_prime;flixster;hbo_go;itunes;netflix_iw;vudu", "_blank", "toolbar=yes, …


New Video Game Releases 11/24/15

New Video Game Releases 11/24/15 It is that time gamers. New Release day, but this one is a weak one.  Bloodborne is the only big title out this week for ps4.  Other than that it isn't a big week.  Click the button to see what else is out or click to buy below.  Happy Gaming! New Video Game Releases function …

New Movie Rentals 11/17/15

New Movie Rentals 11/17/15 Hello movie lovers!  This week is light on releases but if you love documentaries and music we have one for you.  Kurt Cobain's Montage of Heck came out and is getting rave reviews.  Check out the list by clicking the button and watch the trailers here. New Movie Rentals function myFunction() {";amazon_prime;flixster;hbo_go;itunes;netflix_iw;vudu", "_blank", "toolbar=yes, scrollbars=yes, …

New Music Releases 11/6/15

New Music Releases 11/6/15 For all those out there who love music, here is a list for all everything coming out this week.  Also check out some of the hit videos here.  Click the button to pop up the list.  Enjoy and rock out! New Music Releases function myFunction() {"", "_blank", "toolbar=yes, scrollbars=yes, resizable=yes, top=500, left=500, width=600, height=600") }